Friday, July 26, 2013

Greetings, Gifts, and Garlands     by Lisa Rotell

     As soon as I took my first step into India, I was greeted by the immediacy of this magical destination.  It requires your full attention but it returns fully and whole heartedly.  A plethora of sensory delights await and invite you without any pre-requisites.  India meets you exactly where you are and takes you where you need to go.
   My first step into the practice hall at the institute was like walking into India itself.  A symphony of activity where nothing is hidden but much to be uncovered.  The layers of history and dedication permeate the atmosphere calling to mind places such as the Sistine chapel.  It is alive and awake drawing you into all it's offerings.
   Then there is Guruji.  I will forever be amazed that he practices (and lives !) alongside hundreds of new students every month, year after year, decade after decade, without privacy or pretense.  It speaks volumes about him and yoga itself.
   The next gift comes in the form of Geeta.  Her presence envelops my cells and wakes me up to the many parts of myself.  An outstanding teacher who unifies each and every student into the tapestry of her teachings.
   Prashant is equally compelling.  He is a collection of thought provoking aphorisms bringing the yoga sutras into a live and tangible form.  Many times I left his class in a complete state of being.  I question just how many poses and instructions do we actually need when there is a teacher like Prashant.
   The institute is a garland.  A beautiful necklace of knowledge strung together by the remarkable generosity and commitment of Guruji, Geeta, and Prashant.  They have freely opened endless doors and windows for the world.  It is our duty as practioners of this method, to show our gratitude by continuing the journey inward.                          

    With love from India,  Lisa