Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Setu Bandha Obama!

The Americans were very excited this morning. We began the ladies class knowing Obama was in the lead but his victory was still unconfirmed. As many of you know, though it is a "ladies" class, male teachers often observe from the steps, and in some cases assist, to expand their knowledge. Halfway through class, our friend Aaron showed up on the steps and started mouthing something to us... Geeta was yelling at us to get into Bridge Pose and we thought he was trying to be helpful by saying "Setu Bandha!" Well, we eventually figured out what he was saying ("Obama!") and suffice it to say, there was much glee around the coconut cart after class. We are all looking forward to a celebatory potluck tonight.

As wonderful as it is to be here celebrating with my compadres and our Israeli, German, Japanese, Brazilian, British, Kiwi, Ausie, South Afrikan, Italian, and last but not least, Dutch friends, in my heart of hearts I am really missing you, struck by an unexpected desire to stand on American soil, exchange hugs, and share this great moment with you.

Cheers and hugs and love,


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