Saturday, February 13, 2010


Geeta is, as always, teaching with amazing vigor, clarity and insight. She repeats many times that she is eager for us to understand the lessons because she is retiring, she also repeats that everything she is asking us to do she has done herself and that she continues to practice daily. She has told us not to just "manage" in the poses but seek out intelligent ways to practice - don't just say "I can't do".
I have found that she references the jnanendriyas a lot. She has spent much time setting us up during the prayers to look from different parts of the eyes - straight forward but from the lower eye lid, slightly above the line of the horizon etc. The effects are quite different. She then carried this into the invocation - having us look just above the line of the horizon from behind the closed eyes. Then in the asana she had our eyes follow the energy or direction of the pose; go with the front leg in Trikonasana, don't be looking back.
Also, in the pranayama practice we did some very profound (although I need to practice it a lot more to get the full effect I am sure) work with the ears. We plugged our ears with our index finger as we brought the head down to jalandhara bandha. The effect of which is a manual pratyahara.
We are working hard but she never lets us forget the meaning of practice or blast through the suttle teachings. Geeta is, from what I have been fortunate enough to observe, a truely inspired teacher.
I give thanks.
Tamar Kelly

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